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Trust - the digital currency

The value creation of the future is based on digital technologies. Data and data-based busi-ness models present companies with complex challenges.

Analog processes are being translated into the digital step by step. The speed of innovative products follows the exponentially increasing computing power. Decisions must be made under increasing uncertainty and that requires one thing above all: trust - the currency in the digital world.

Digital responsibility - we accompany you

For you, we bring together what belongs to-gether: data law and digital ethics. Because creating sustainable trust requires a holistic view. We offer orientation and accompany you on your way to digital responsibility.

Our innovative consulting approach digital & trusted combines digital-ethical competence with legal expertise. Our interdisciplinary team of econo-mists, lawyers, social and natural scientists nav-igate you safely through digitality.

b.digital Logo

We believe that companies can only fully exploit the immense potential of data-driven business models if they consciously focus on the trust of their users, employees and other stakeholders.

Our expertise

Digital responsibility provides answers to both the ethical and legal questions of our digital world. We at b.yond, jointly founded by the Institute for Digital Transformation in Healthcare and the business law firm ARQIS, have therefore specialized in consulting services at the interface of digital ethics and law.

Digital ethics

Digital ethics seeks appropriate and legitimate ways of dealing with data and their processing in algorithmic systems. It offers orientation in a fully networked world and analyzes the cost-benefit ratio of digital technologies in relation to people and societies. As such, it is an integral part of the digital responsibility of companies. We support our clients in implementing digital-ethical measures and creating customized gov-ernance.


Cybersecurity and IT security, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Federal Data Protection Act (FDPA), the monetisation of data - the complexity of digital business models - brings many challenges. As part of a digital responsibility, data-related issues must be considered holistically and interdisciplinarily. We support our clients in this with extensive legal expertise.